Last Wolf Trap show

We went to the last Wolf Trap show of the summer last night (but not the last outdoor show, that’s Coldplay on the 30th). Jill worked Saturday night, so I got up when she went to bed. Made some egg sandwiches while watching “Battlestar Galactica” (nice ending), then I took Illa out back with me on a lead as I cleaned the grill, swept the deck and patio, and trimmed the bushes. Then I brought him around front as I trimmed in front, weed wacked the lawn, and brought the brush around back. Next, I took him on his least favorite walk ever, as I was the one stopping every couple feet to trim (we’ve got these annoying thorny plants everywhere, and I’m getting tired of him dragging me through them).

He was zonked after an hour and a half outside, and I kicked back and enjoyed watching the Redskins eke one out over da Bears. Jill got up and we headed over to Wolf Trap. We had reservations at Ovations, the restaurant there. We’d never been, but I had a $20 coupon there, so we tried it. We both had the buffet, partly because most of their entrees were served as part of the buffet. The food was pretty good, but the desserts were great (they’re the same people that own Georgia Brown’s). It’s not often I go back for seconds – good thing I went back to boot camp today.

Joe Bonamassa opened, and he was great – reminded me of Stevie Ray Vaughn. The crowd was there for B.B. King, and let him know it. He strolled out after his band played a couple songs, and let us know quickly that though he may need to sit down on stage and he turns 80 this week, he’s still got a nimble fingers and a quick wit. Good show, and a nice night for it – you could barely feel the chill starting to get into you by the end.