Fall schedule

Mostly to remind myself after reading two long articles on the new TV season.

Sunday 8PM West Wing and Simpsons: Watch West Wing (which had a resurgence last season with the new presidential contenders played by Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda), record Simpsons.
Sunday 9PM Desperate Housewives and Family Guy (and maybe American Dad): Watch the housewives (I favor serials), record the others.
Monday: nothing
Tuesday 8PM Bones: Not sure about this, but I gotta give David Borneaz a chance in his first post-Angel show
Tuesday 9PM Command In Chief and My Name Is Earl/Office: Still torn on this – Geena Davis as the prez, or Jason Lee as a scuzzball makes good and Steve Carell in a pitch perfect portrayal of a Pointy Headed Boss?
Wednesday 9PM Lost: The one I’m looking forward to the most, but we also just got the DVD of the first season, and been watching the extras – didn’t realize they’d purchased an actual jetliner and shipped it to Hawaii to use as a set.
Wednesday 10PM Invasion: One of several alien invasion shows, give it a shot
Thursday 8PM Alias and Smallville and Everybody Hates Chris: Watch Alias, record Smallville, not sure about Chris (though I did get a DVD of the first ep).
Thursday 9PM Night Stalker: Remake of the ’70s show that heavily influenced the X-Files by one of the X-Files producers
Friday 9PM Threshold: The other alien invasion show I want to see, getting good reviews.