TV weekend

At least, it seems that way. Friday night, I watched the 1 hour Katrina telethon on the broadcast nets. Pretty good (for some reason, Mary J. Blige singing “One” with U2 was really appropriate), and I liked that both the Foo Fighters and Garth Brooks covered CCR. I decided to hold off on “Battlestar Galactica” and recorded it while I read and walked the dog, started laundry, and cooked bacon and made BLTs. Had to watch Bill Maher, though – him and Jon Stewart have been especially good the past week, as they have some new villians to sharpen their wits on. I finished the paper and started EW, walked the dog one more time, then put him to bed and hopped online for a bit.

I slept in to 11, then got up, showered, stretched, and walked Illa. I started watching “Shark Tale” (cute movie, worth seeing once) while I made an omelette, then played with Illa and folded laundry. I read some of the paper and a PVP book while I watched the Brad Paisely/John Mayer Crossroads, then discovered Jill and I were 1-1 on laundry disasters. She left a pen in the wash that got all over a pillowcase and one of my efo cruise shirts and a pair of pants, and I managed to so overload the washer that water was leaking out the front – I had to scramble to contain it. A nice long walk for Illa, then I made steak faijtas for dinner. Jill was behind on sleep, so she just woke up in time to get dinner and go. I had started watching “The Grudge” while cooking, and finished it after cleaning up. My first time watching one of the new breed of Japanese horror movies, and well done. Pretty spooky, but a lot less of Sarah Michelle Gellar than I’d thought (miss my Buffy fix). Have to check out “The Ring” next.

Just finished watching the four hour MTV Katrina telethon (Trent Reznor and Fiona Apple my faves so far – why no cover of “When The Levee Breaks”?) and writing this and working on an eBay auction – got extra Coldplay tix because I couldn’t get tix in the 100s on the off chance Jill might try the general admission pit, but she wants to sit, and I’m selling Spamalot tix for a friend of my mom’s. Tomorrow I’ll watch the Skins (a whole season in hi-def) and hopefully “Battlestar Galactica” before we go see BB King at Wolf Trap (we’re going to try the restaurant there instead of picnicking).