More ER fun

Saturday I went for my neurosoma visit, then a couple errands before coming home. I picked up some first aid stuff for Jill, but it stung like the dickens and she washed it off. I thawed some graound beef for burgers and walked Illa. I decided not to go see the Crue. 4 nights of shows wore me out, and Jill was kinda out of it, although she did rally enough to walk Illa once. I was up ’til 2 or so reading, then crashed.

Sunday morning I walked Illa and made an omelette. Jill was in significant pain, and was really worried. So she made her own trip to the ER, which was much busier than when we went for me last month, and didn’t get home for 3 hours. They gave her antibiotics and Percoset, she slept for a little while. I had marinated some chicken thighs in jerk sauce and grilled them after she woke up. She sauteed eggplant while I grilled, then we ate. She wasn’t feeling good and went for another nap. Now she’s up and watching the dog. Of course now my ankle is throbbing and I’m getting those nerve twinges again after the long walks I’ve been taking Illa for, so I hope she’s better soon, otherwise he’s going to have to walk himself. I think I’m going to have to go back to the cast before Tuesday’s visit with the orthopedist.