Eclectic taste

If there was any doubt I had eclectic taste in music, this week confirms it.

Monday: Listened to Dar Williams in the studio at Sirius (which we get over Dish Network), talking about and playing songs from her new album. I was looking forward to hearing her cover of “Comfortably Numb”, and was perversely upset when she played it live, because afterwards they talked about the intertwined vocals her and Ani DiFranco share on the recorded version.

Tuesday: Saw Great Big Sea and the Saw Doctors at Wolf Trap. Great Big Sea opened right at 7; we were a little bit late due to the show starting at 7. GBS tried to cram as much music into their 90 minute set as possible; not as much banter as usual, and during the encore, they didn’t even pause for applause. Saw Doctors were good, but we were mostly there for GBS, and since Jill had an early start the next day, left halfway through.

Wednesday: Saw Brian Wilson perform Smile at Wolf Trap. Or more accurately saw him do a set of Beach Boys and his songs plus some covers, then a second set of Smile straight through, then an encore of more Beach Boys songs. The highlight for me was during the first set when he did “California Girls”, “Sloop John B,” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” in a row. Smile certainly must be some kind of record for length between start and finish by the same guy (1967-2004). I’ve listened to the live version enough times where I was pretty familiar with it, and it’s pretty good. The problem for me is that “Good Vibrations” which ends it is so familiar to me and so great it outshines the other stuff. Small complaint, I know.

Thursday: Saw the Boston Pops with Linda Eder at Wolf Trap. We picnicked with my mom and dad and their friends Roger and Betty. Mom brought food from Wegman’s, making it easy for us. We had chicken and potato salad, and we brought some Magic Hat (Stuart had found out Trader Joe’s carries it now, as we’d run out). We had bought tix at different times, and all had different seats, Jill and I were in the front orchestra. The first set was good, a bunch of American classics (“American In Paris” is always nice, and thematically appropriate since Brian Wilson’s “Smile” was his nod to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”). Linda Eder reminded us of Barbra Striesand, and that was not a good thing – we left several songs into the second set.

Friday: Saw Robbie Schaefer (from efo) at Jammin’ Java. Edheads were representing; we went with Stuart and met up with Shelly there. We had dinner there (turkey sandwich and chili for me, chicken salad sandwich for Jill). Mike Morris was pretty good, but I was itching for Robbie and his new songs. First solo show in the area since New Year’s, and we got 6 new songs (my favorites: “Leon’s Going Down” and “Do No Harm”)! Also, after a 90 minute set, we thought he’d finish up quickly with a couple songs during the encore. 50 minutes later, he finally finished.

And if I can handle another one,
Saturday: See Sum 41 and Motley Crue at Nissan Pavilion. Of course I was going to go solo – with Jill potentially on the couch, I may stay home.