Broken what?

Last night, I was on the couch making a DVD. Jill called me into the kitchen because the garbage disposal was backing up. I started the burn, then got up to race into the kitchen, only to fall flat on my face. I’d missed the mouse cord at ankle level, and my right ankle and particularly my big toe were aching. After we cleared the disposal, Jill iced my foot and I sat with it elevated.

This morning I was seeing the chiropractor for my back, and told him what happened. He looked at the offending area, then decided I needed an x-ray. He told me I’d broken the toe (chipped the top), but they don’t cast or splint something like that. I just have to be very careful for the next couple weeks.

Driving to Falcon Ridge will be interesting – luckily I’m an ambidextrous driver. I’m still psyched for it, but I guess I won’t bring my sandals (Hey Chris, Jim Infantino from Jim’s Big Ego will be playing the Budgiedome Saturday night).

3 thoughts on “Broken what?”

  1. I managed to break both of my big toes playing soccer a few years ago. I didn’t know they were broken ’til months later at a doctor’s office.

    We saw EFO last night at Club Passim on their small venue tour. Had a good time.

    Hey, notice we have a website now? Jess has posted pictures from New Orleans and Germany.

  2. You guys could just come for Saturday! Umm – if we do manage to make it of course.

    Of course I know about you website, silly man – I’ve commented on it in your lovely wife’s blog.

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