Live 8 Redux

It’s refreshing, in this day and age, to find that a big company will not only admit it’s made a mistake, but make up for it:
VH1 will kick off Saturday’s rebroadcast, airing the concerts from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at which point MTV will pick up the coverage, airing the concerts through 8 p.m.

The performances each network airs will vary according to their audience. While both nets will rebroadcast performances by U2, Pink Floyd, Orchestra Baobab, Coldplay and Paul McCartney, VH1 will air Rob Thomas, Sting, Dave Matthews Band and Maroon 5 exclusively, and MTV will air Linkin Park and Jay-Z, the Killers, Kanye West and Green Day exclusively.

I’ve been watching, much better than last week.