A quick trip to Boston this past weekend. My best mate Chris has finally got his bachelor’s, and of course it’s from Harvard. We didn’t get up there Friday night until 11, so it was just Saturday and Sunday morning. Saturday we helped straighten up, then I was grillmaster (again). Saw a lot of his friends from Boston I’ve met before, and enjoyed some fine Magic Hat #9. We were pretty wiped out after everyone left. Sunday we went for dim sum down in Chinatown, then headed for the airport. I got a lot of reading done over the weekend (3 newspapers, 3 magazines, 3.5 books).

After we got back home, Jill did her homework, and I whipped up a thai beef dish with a spinach like veggie. Got woken up last night at 3AM by the power going out. It didn’t get restored until noon – the longest outage in the six years I’ve been here. Didn’t really enjoy my washcloth bath this morning, though. Tonight we had steaks (worried about them going bad) and salad. The steaks were pricey, and worth it – though I understand Safeway’s premium line is being subsidized for a while, so prices will go up even higher. Ok, I’m rambling, time to get off.