Memorable weekend

And a nice weekend it was. Friday we watched the finale of 24, and I started on the last 4 Deadwoods. I tried a new pork recipe that involed dipping it in a flour and cheese batter, frying and baking it, then serving it with a spicy orange sauce. I liked it, though Jill wanted less cheese on hers.

Saturday I ran some errands (cat feeding for away friends, Best Buy (CDs), Home Depot (door seal), Total Wine (beer), ABC (Jameson’s and strawberry liqueur) and Safeway (more food). Finished the season of Deadwood, and caught up on the paper. Jill went out and got a dresser for the guest room for her winter clothes (no more tubs). She spent a couple hours putting it together, and I helped for the last hour. We had surf and turf (steak and shrimp) for dinner – some fine meat from Safeway around $5/pound. I especially enjoyed my Dominion wheat beer with a shot of the strawberry liqueur (an idea from our New York trip).

Sunday was a fine day to go to the beach – Chesapeake Beach that is. After a stop to feed the cats and feel Jill some coffee, we started on what’s usually a nice hour and a half drive through DC and out Suitland parkway to Pennsylvania Avenue. Little did we know that 395 would be jammed with people going to Rolling Thunder, so I took Route 1 to the Beltway and went over the Woodrow Wilson bridge. That’s a big ass replacement rising beside it.

We got to Dad’s around 1:15, and promptly started doing nothing out on his deck overlooking the bay. I read the Sunday paper and Jill did needlepoint while we sunned and Dad watched the Indy 500 (ok, I watched the last 10 laps). Dad tried to get some takeout, but was unsuccessful (they were afraid they’d run out), so we went out to Abner’s Crab Shack. A bit dumpy, but the food was tasty. We got a dozen fresh crabs, and pounded them and ate their guts. Wasn’t quite enough food, so Jill and I split an order of hush puppies and crab balls (who knew they had them?). Dad had already made salad, so we ate that when we got back, then he went to shelf making while we read some more. We had brought strawberries and lo carb brownies for dessert, then read some more before bed.

We got up today and Dad made waffles. We hung out on the deck until we had burned slightly, then we headed back home. Jill continued cleaning upstairs and I read the paper and some comics. We took a pause at 3 to play efo’s version of the Star Spangled Banner – at least a couple minutes to remembering what this day off is for.

I had decided to buy a new computer, since I had a coupon from Best Buy for double Reward Zone points that expired tomorrow. They had an eMachines Athlon system with 17″ monitor and DVD-RW drive for $399 that was $550, so we drove over to Reston and bought it and a new UPS. We had some snacks, then I hopped online to start my great Star Wars auction. Next it’s a steak for Jill and either hamburgers or hot dogs for me.