Herndon Festival next weekend

Herndon Festival turns 25 in 2005, and I think it’s the best one yet. I was on the subcommittee to select the entertainment for the second year in a row (along with my pal Stuart), and the majority of artists are ones I enjoy greatly. Complete schedule is here. I’ve made a sampler I’m handing out, and these are the artists on it:

Thursday night is the one Jill and I may take a pass on. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the music of Beau Soleil, it’s just that I wouldn’t want to miss any of the other days. They’re a legendary Cajun band, and I enjoy the couple songs I’ve heard from them.

Friday night, the Brindley Brothers open up the Center Stage. The Brindleys own Jammin’ Java, but they’ve got their own spin on folk rock. Hope that Luke breaks out the percussion – he’s a dervish on it. Meanwhile, Bio Ritmo will play the Depot Stage. They’re a big salsa band with a lot of dance grooves.

Ari Hest closes out Friday night at the Center Stage. He’s a singer/songwriter from the John Mayer/Dave Matthews school. I think those two are good comparisons, and not just for the music – they’re the only other acts I can think of where it looks like every female in the audience knows all the lyrics to every song.

Saturday at noon, Almost Recess play the Depot Stage. I haven’t seen them, and the song is aonly a short clip, but I’ve heard them mentioned in the same breath as Da Vinci’s Notebook.

Pete Schmidt is up next at the Cafe Stage. He’s got a sound similar to Toad The Wet Sprocket.

Saturday starting at 2, three local bands play the Center Stage as the “Rising Star” showcase. First is our faves, Getaway Car. Formerly the Excentrics, these guys bring their hand at writing perfect little pop-rock songs. If you like the Foo Fighters, don’t miss ’em.

Next is Kenin, whom I think 3 Doors Down would be like if they had more talent. Finally is Cecilia, a group that’s a real family – only one isn’t related. The sisters are up front with some amazing harmonies.

Saturday evening the tribute acts play: U2 and Temptations/Four Tops. No samples from them – if you don’t know them by now, you need to buy their greatest hits.

Sunday, Jim Boggia plays the Cafe Stage at 1. He recently opened a tour for Michael “No Myth” Penn, and it was a good match – both have a Beatles influenced pop sound. Next on the Cafe Stage is Evenout, local rockers taking it down a notch to play an acoustic set.

To close out the festival on the Center Stage at 4 is Eddie From Ohio. Sometimes compared to Jewel fronting Barenaked Ladies, these local (and our) faves are taking a break from their annual Wolf Trap show to play a little closer to our house. So we’ll treat it like a reverse Wolf Trap show – we’ll have a cookout at our place after the show.