Ze weekend so far

Yesterday Jill had a dress rehearsal for tonight’s Reston Chorale performance, so we had a quick dinner of friend shrimp and spinach she fixed before she went off to that. I cleaned up the kitchen, finished the paper, watched last week’s Smallville, went on the elliptical machine and watched Family Guy and part of this week’s Smallville (I’ll finish that today or tomorrow). I got some headway on my Star Wars eBay auction, and even got another live show transferred onto DVD.

Today I had my Neurosoma appointment, then went to see Todd Watts (from emmet) play a charity wiffle ball tournament. Nice day for it, gets me pumped for more outdoor festivals. Jill was asleep on the couch when I got back, so I hopped online. I’ll mkae some dinner now, then I’ll read until it’s time for the concert. I would have gone to Episode III tonight, but I’m going tomorrow morning now.