HFStival weekend

Friday I rushed home to join Jill in finishing cleanup. I got a call at 6 – Chris and Jess and Chris L. were at Dulles. I went to get them, then we stopped at Safeway on the way back to get a couple extras. We settled in and I put on the DVD that came with the new Episode III soundtrack. It’s pretty nice, uses music and film from all 6 movies. Chris hadn’t seen Volume 2 of Clone Wars, so I put that in while I started grilling. Chris’s brother, Tim, and his wife Debbie soon showed up, but I kept cooking. 4 steaks, 4 chicken breasts, 9 burgers and 6 hot dogs later, I was done. We gorged on food, and it was a fun evening. Jill had been up since 5, though, and barely made it past 11. We went for a little longer, but we wanted to get rest for the next day.

Saturday morning was clear and sunny. I made eggs and toast for breakfast, and we got underway around noon. I was hoping to get there by 1:30, but there was more traffic and we were there at 1:45. They Might Be Giants were scheduled to go on at 1:55 and we were in a long line of cars, so everyone abandoned me for the show. It took about 25 minutes for me to make it to a garage a couple blocks north, then another 10 minutes to walk down (I grabbed a loaded hot dog for support).

When I go there, TMBG had finished because they’d started early – very unexpected (someone in the car had decided DMB stood for Dey Might Be Giants). We went outside to the second stage to catch The Stereophonics. The printed schedule had them scheduled two hours earlier, but I recognized them from when they opened for Howie Day. They were good, and we wandered around the vendors, some of us getting food (Jill had a chicken pita, and I caught a little of Pepper) before heading up to the club level.

I’d used the bathroom when meeting up with my peeps earlier, but this was my first chance to enjoy the surroundings. It was nice. Air conditioning, lots of bars (though no import beers on draft), and I really enjoyed the burger made to order. We were going to get some seats outside to watch Echo and The Bunnymen, but they came out, the singer said some crap about his voice not being up to it, and they Ashlee Simpson’ed offstage. We had good seats to see Garbage, though. Shirley & Co. were in good form – we even got a footwear change midway through the set. The oddest thing I realized about them was that the sample of “Don’t Worry Baby” they played during “Push It” wasn’t from their CD – it was the original Beach Boys recording. I liked it.

We hung out on the stairs to see Sum 41 on the side stage, because there was nowhere left open near the stage. It was distracting because we were right over the Bacardi tent with their girls on a trampoline. It was hard to make out the music for most of us, so we moved on. Jill and I wanted to catch the The Pietasters, so Jill took up a position while I went back to get close enough to see the last 3 songs of Sum 41’s set. Jess and Chris went back inside to see Social Distortion while Chris L. checked out the video game tent.

The Pietasters were great, and Jill danced like a maniac, but it was cut short due to an impending storm. We made it inside with enough time to catch the last few songs from Social Distortion (they played “Ring Of Fire, but no “Ball And Chain”) and the beginning of the rain. It rained lightly but steadily through Good Charlotte‘s set. We were under the eaves, so we were fine, and the moshers didn’t seem to mind.

The best was yet to come. Billy Idol brought a ferocious burst of energy into the crowd, especially when he played hit hits from the 80’s (the row behind us shouted out the alternate lyrics to “Mony Mony”. It was raining harder, though, and lightning had been sighted. Around 9, they evacuated the stadium. It wasn’t too crowded in the club level, so we chatted for a while. After about half an hour, they let us back out, and Coldplay was soon putting on a show. The lights were great, they played wonderfully (the new songs are great), and erased any memory of their show 4 years ago.

The Foo Fighters closed out the night by tearing into 3 songs without a pause. We wanted to avoid the crowds, so we left halfway through the new song they played (ironically entitled “The Last Song). I was happy to miss 3 songs, as we got the car and were on 95 well ahead of anyone else. The only weird thing about the HFStival was that it was 105.7 rather than 99.1. Otherwise, it was another great year, and I really enjoyed myself.

Yesterday I made waffles (they were supposed to be half whole wheat and half regular flour, but I was out of regular), then took the crew to the airport. We straigtened up the place because we thought we might have an interview about adoption, but it was postponed.

Instead, we spent the day reading and watching TV. We had missed the previous two Sunday’s TV, so that meant 3 hours of Simpsons and 3 hours of Desperate Housewives. Fun, fun, and leftovers made good fajitas for dinner.

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