Since Saturday afternoon, I’ve…

– Gone to see Hitch Hiker’s Saturday night. I liked it, felt it still was very much a DNA creation.

– Gone rollerblading on a gorgeous Sunday.

– Put up a new bookshelf and straightened up the basement.

– Took Mom out for dinner Sunday at J. Gilberts. Very nice place, I had steak and a crab cake (and extremely addictive homemade blue cheese potato chips).

– Watched 24, Bill Maher, and Lost.

– Caught up on newspapers.

– Seen two dentists for jaw pain and headaches. I think $440 for an appliance is much better than $3300, but that’s just me.

– Done the coding equivalent of slamming my head into a wall for two days, but I’m better now.

– Made ribs, reubens, fajitas, and grilled sausages.