This is the definition

Of a relaxed weekend.

Friday Jill asked for a fire and a movie. I offered her one or the other, since I hate to keep getting up to keep it going during a movie. She chose fire, so I started it while she got dinner ready (fish stuffed with crab from Omaha Steaks and broccoli). We read for a while until she dropped off to sleep, then we both went upstairs – me to go online, her to sleep.

Saturday we both had appointments and ran errands. When she got home again around 4, I was making a spinach quesadilla for a snack and made enough for the both of us. I finished all my periodicals and made a good start on the pile of new comics I hadn’t read. Around 8 I heated some Philips Clam Chowder (tasty), then Jill made salad and I made calzones. It was so late we decided to eat in front of the TV as we watched “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” to get us ready for the New York trip. Jill dropped off right before the end of the movie, which is kind of appropriate. I watched the extras and read some more, before I woke her up to go to bed.

Today we got up somewhat early for us to go to church. Afterwards, Jill demanded strawberry waffles, and I cooked some bacon to go along. I read the Sunday paper while she started laundry and went online. I think I can finish all my new comics today. I bought the giant Barnes & Noble edition of Ultimate Spider-Man (issues 1-40) and will take that with me to New York. Tonight we’ll have reubens and watch “Desperate Housewives” and maybe “Monty Python and the Life of Brian” (appropriate day for it). Perhaps one more fire as well.