Family reunion

As of right now, I’ll see all of my family within the next week – but all three separately. We were supposed to go over to my mom’s for dinner with her and my sister Monday. Jill got off work at 2:30, and I left at 3 to work from home because of the snow. We decided not to go to Mom’s for dinner (and I skipped a show) to stay home, as the snow was coming down about an inch an hour by the time we would have left.

Anyway, we’re going to meet my sister (and maybe boyfriend) tomorrow for dinner; we’ll be in Annapolis Saturday for a concert (Gary and Marc from the Jayhawks) and Dad’s agreed to meet us for dinner, and Mom’s invited us over next Friday for an early St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Maybe in April (after Sharon gets back from Africa) we’ll all get together.