24 hours of hell

Thursday morning I was awakened around 4 by my stomach – it wasn’t feeling good. I tossed and turned until 8, then got up. I made it through a shower, then felt nauseous and headed back to bed. I slept for two more hours, then got up and headed into work. A lousy day – it felt like I was thinking through gauze. My stomach kept doing little flips all day, and I won’t dicuss my lower-gi distress. I left a little early, and had a little applesauce before bed. Last night I was again awakened at 4, but this time it felt like indigestion. I went downstairs to pop some tums, then laid on the couch. When I woke up an hour later, the pain was gone.

Today I haven’t had much to eat, but I’m feeling better. Near as I can tell the leftover fajitas I had for lunch Wednesday had gone bad, but I couldn’t tell with the 7-layer dip over them. Teach me to start labeling the dang leftovers.