DVDs and near death

So I successfully made my first batch of DVDs. I tried setting the bitrate lower, and that seems ok – I can’t tell any difference in the picture. The audio is a different situattion, as I’m not willing to lose anything, and have that set at pure PCM. At 5.2 bitrate, I get about 90 minutes per DVD, which isn’t too bad, and since I use LP on my DV tapes, that matches perfectly.

I made waffles today, then Jill did eggplant parmesan for dinner. We also had a 15 bean soup she made yesterday. She’s really helping out around the house, and I sure appreciate it. Speaking of, we knocked out the shoveling and car cleaning from the snow in a little of an hour – the new cart I got is helpful in getting a lot of snow out of the way.

I made a fire tonight, and we watched “Simpsons” and read. It reminded me of Friday. I used one of the duraflame logs Jill bought, but after about 10 minutes, both fire alarms went off, and it smelled funny. Obviously carbon monoxide, so we shut the fireplace doors. Still smelled weird, so I opened both doors to create a draft, then smashed the log open with the poker and put some real logs on top to make a big fire. Don’t know if that was the right thing to do, but it worked.

Think we’re going to throw a Super Bowl bash next Sunday since my friend the Eagles fan isn’t going to be around to throw one. Wall Of Doom is looking good – all the CDs are in now – and there’s still room, that means I get to buy more, right?