Wall Of Doom

Is what I’ve started calling the entertainment center, and I think it fits. Two of the shelves we ordered did not come, so we had to go to Storehouse yesterday to pick them up. We also went to Home Depot – the contractor who’s done work for my parents came over to take a look at the dishwasher not installing problem and said we needed to take up the countertops. His clever suggestion was since he’s got to do that, why not raise all of them an inch, so any future dishwashers will slide in and out. Of course we said if you’re going to take the countertops out, why not put a new one in, so we’ve chosen a new one (formica laminate, we’re cheap and not that picky), and picked out a new cabinet style (which has to wait until we redo the roof). It’s weird how one problem turns into a kitchen remodeling, but it’s ok.

So back to the Wall Of Doom. When we got back from shopping (grocery too), I ripped out the molding on the right wall to see if doing that to both would solve my space problem. Unfortunately at floor level I still was off by an inch. So I went to plan C – take one of the CD towers out of the equation. The TV isn’t centered anymore, but the loveseat throws off the balance of the room anyway, so it’s not too obvious. I also had to take the backs off the bookshelves the components are on (that the TV rests on) because there wasn’t room for them and they were at dangerous angles.

So between all that and rewiring (and blackening some pork chops) I finished a little after 11 – Jill was falling asleep by then, so she went to sleep, and I played with the DVR/DVD. I got everything ready last night, and this morning I made my first DVD. I think the bitrate I recorded at was a bit high, as I could only fit 65 mintues of material on it – try again later today (after shoveling). Now I’m off to make waffles.