Friday’s here

This week has seemed really long. I think I’m mostly done with the sick thing, but it loks like I will have to work during the weekend. But I’m going to wait until Sunday, when Jill’s going to work the night shift. She’ s downstairs now making me black bean soup – she’s getting more into cooking, and I’m happy not to have to do it all the time.

I’ve got a bunch of online stuff to do that I’d like to get done on Sunday – finish the wedding pictures, redo the forum for Joseph Parsons (4 Way Street alum, and it turns out possibly a relative of Jill’s), and get an eBay auction ready (there’ll never be a better time to sell Elektra stuff). Hopefully I can get the work stuff out of the way quickly – I just need to bust through a major roadblock I’ve been struggling with a couple of days.