Happy birthday to the blog – and a new year too

Yep, I’ve been doing it for a year now. This is the 290th entry, so not quite one a day, but not bad, either. At least one of my resolutions from last year went well. Exercising was never a priority last year, and took a nosedive when I hurt my wrist; having the elliptical machine here will make it easier (6 days straight of exercise so far).

Last night was fun. The fondue was good, we had apples and bread with a swiss cheese one, and steak and lobster with oil, but it was time to leave when we finished the meat, and will have the chocolate tonight. Susan, my massage therapist, was at Jammin’ Java with her husband, and we chatted with them during the evening. Aside from hiccups (music scheduled for 8 didn’t start until 9, the near total shutdown of the bathrooms), it was a nice evening. At least until Jill’s sinus headache progressed into nausea. It was already 12:30, and we just headed home. Of course the smell in the kitchen didn’t help, and she went to bed while I cleaned (the microwave and oven as well)

Today’s been spent with some cleaning, and a lot of cooking (waffles for breakfast and ribs for dinner with Mom’s BBQ sauce). It was so nice outside, we even went on the trail (Jill on her bike, me on my ‘blades). Now Jill’s starting to untrim the tree, and I’m working on the final set of wedding pictures – the table cameras.