New Year’s Eve

And I thought I had the day off – it doesn’t seem like it. Been cleaning almost the whole day, and I’m not done in the office yet. Tomorrow will most likely be more cleaning; unfortunately the new entertainment center has not arrived as I hoped to put that together this weekend and there’s CDs and stereo components everywhere. At least we should be ready for it if it’s here by next weekend.

Now I have to go get food ready. We’re going to try out the fondue pot tonight, and we’re going all out – cheese, meat, and dessert courses. Tonight, we’ll be checking out Robbie Schaefer from Eddie From Ohio, as well as Paul and Storm from Da Vinci’s Notebook and the Brindley Brothers at Jammin’ Java. We’ll be there until midnight, and may check out some friends’ party later.

Hope everyone has a safe and somewhat sane New Year!