Merry Christmas

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but more importantly, the TV is set up and receiving most gourgeous HD over the air feed, as well as the current DVD player looking quite nice. I imagine Santa stopping by and not leaving for a couple hours, hypnotized by the picture.

I was up way too late Wednesday getting the wiring ready and clearing out and moving the CD towers. Thursday we ran two full cars worth of cardboard to recycling during a break in the rain, then we switched out the TVs (Jill’s family gets the old one). Turned out I needed a couple more wires, so I went for my massage, then hit Radio Shack on the way back. The HD antenna was only pulling in one channel, so I tried putting it in the attic, but that was worse. Finally I found an angle it likes, and now I’ve got most of the DC HD channels. Looks great, too – can’t wait for the Skins game on Sunday.

The inlaws got here yesterday afternoon, and Jill went food shopping with her mom and sis, while Dave supervised the TV efforts. After pizza, lobser bisque, and homemade pierogies, we went to catch Getaway Car, a great show from a great band. Today we hit Safeway for tomorrow’s big family dinner (8 people, rib roast and goose), then I remembered I hadn’t gotten cards so I went to Hallmark and finished wrapping gifts I have (did I mention Jill’s gift won’t ship until the second week in January? Bugger.). Next is Christmas Eve service, followed by buffalo wings, then over to Mel & Scott’s shindig.

Prolly won’t post again until Monday or so, so I hope eveyone has a great holiday, and you get everything you want and need.