SWEET water

My best bud Chris is in town, and Jill and I met up with him, his brother, and Debbie (his brother’s wife) at Sweetwater in Centreville, halfway between them and us. We were late due to both me getting out of work late and the incredible amount of traffic on 28 between Herndon and Centreville. On the plus side, the food and drink were good. I had the clam chowder, mixed greens, and crab fritters.

The fritters didn’t arrive for 10 minutes after I finished my salad. The waitress profusely apologized – I said it was no big deal. Debbie found a piece of tuna in her tuna salad that was raw (it was a big chunk of tuna), but didn’t ask for anything. The manager came out and apologized – we told him we were fine. The waitress came by again and told us the manager would be back to take care of us. He came by and didn’t take our food off the bill; instead he gave both of us $25 gift certificates! Yes our bill was over $130, but that was very cool, and of course we’ll be back (I’m sure we’re not the only ones addicted to their bread baskets).