Rather Excentric

Wow, what a great show. I got caught up on eBay, didn’t make it out the door until 10:50, walked into Jaxx at 11:35. They were halfway through their first song, and I was surprised it was so crowded. No offense to Todd, but I was at the last show at TT’s in 2002, and this was everything that show should have been.

It’s been so long I saw Dean and Dan play, I’d forgotten how much they brought to the Excentrics. The treat was seeing both Dan and Matt up on stage together. Spy and Dean looked the same, Dan was the only one I didn’t recognize – he’s shaved his head.

Great set (although no “Lana” or “Six and the Seven Seas”). I liked it when Todd said it was going so well they’d have another Kiss tribute, the band spontaneously broke into “God Of Thunder”. Unhearsed, but fantastic. As much as I love the new TGC songs, I was happy to hear all the old songs at least once more (and I second the idea of having another reunion show at some point). One song I think that should make the leap to TGC is “Christmas”. It was never released as an Excentrics song, and deserves to be heard again.