Early ’90s nostalgia night

As I set up an eBay auction for Poison Elves, an early ’90s goth elf comic book (it wasn’t bad, I just don’t want them any more).

And I’m listening to the (mostly) early ’90s Excentrics, the lead singer and last guitarist of are now in The Getaway Car. I’m going to see their reunion tonight at Jaxx. It’s the regular bs at Jaxx, as they won’t be hitting the stage until 11:30. Good thing I don’t have to be at Mom’s until 4PM tomorrow.

Good music (which they’re still doing in Getaway Car). I was looking around for a hyperlink for them (this is nice) and I noticed excentrics.com was one of the results. It wasn’t real, but I clicked on the link “excentrics.com is for sale!” and found this:

“Request Price for excentrics.com

We will only respond to serious requests that are complete and accurate. Any submissions with false or unverifiable information will be deleted.

The quoted price will be at least $688 and may be over $10,000. Due to high demand and decreasing availability, the prices of Premium Domains are rising weekly.”

$10,000 for a early ’90s band no one’s heard of? I like them, but that’s a chunk of change. At least the cover’s only $10 tonight.