TV etc.

Jill got home last night and there was much rejoicing. Ok, it was more like some web surfing on both accounts before we made dinner (tacos) and watched TV (“Desperate Housewives”, “Lost” and “Daily Show”). Lost remains my favorite new show. I tried “Drew Carey’s Green Screen”, but it doesn’t have the magic of “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. I think Ryan Styles was a crucial part of that show, and he’s not in the new one.

Probably another light night tonight as we get up much too early to make Oran’s 10:30 wedding in Richmond. Apparently the crucial part was booking the restaurant the reception’s at, and they could only get it from 12 to 4. If anyone reading this is on the road around 8AM, there’ll be a blue Corolla with two bleary eyed people hoping the caffeine kicks in soon – avoid us as our reaction time will be down.