I got up way to early to be there when the polls opened yesterday. It still took 45 minutes. I remembered the lines from 4 years ago and am sure it only got worse. I couldn’t leave at lunch (mandatory benefits meeting) and I had an early massage. After that, I came home, surfed, then caught the latest numbers at 9 before I watched last week’s “West Wing” (yes, I’m a slacker). “Daily Show” was funny, but there wasn’t much news. Still wasn’t much afterwards, and I was too tired to stay up.

This morning, I turned on Headline News, and I knew. That sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach got worse throughout the mornning, to reach the low point when coworkers were listening to Bush’s victory speech. My hope at this point is for a midterm legislative flip like the one in 1994. I’m resigned to my fate, just hope our environment and civil liberties can take another four years of erosion.