At last

Yes, ze curse is reversed, the 86 year drought is over. I watched the horrible end of the ALCS a year ago and feared the Red Sox could never get it right. I watched the first 3 games of this year’s ALCS with my hands over my eyes – it was awful. I watched game 4 just hoping they could avoid the sweep. Game 5 made me realize there was a possibility they could win, and game 6 made it almost inevitable. To win like that over the hated Yankees made a World Series romp seem like rounding the bases after a home run. And nothing stopped them – powered by the triumvirate of Schilling, Martinez and Lowe nothing could. Errors by Ramirez and others didn’t matter, and tonight they proved they could take a no-hitter all the way. A sweep seems like their due.

Way to go, guys. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Only one more Massachusetts underdog to root for next week. 🙂

BTW, Ashlee Simpson come back, all is forgiven. After watching Scott Stapp (from Creed) massacre “God Bless America”, I’ve flip-flopped and now am in favor of lip-syncing.