Saturday night, my new boss was having an Octoberfest party, and we went and stayed a while – over 5 hours. He homebrews and I enjoyed his hefeweizen and red beers. He and his widfe grilled piles of brats, chicken, and sauerkreaut – very tasty.

When we got in the car, it was already the 6th inning of game 1 of the World Series, and tied 7 all. We were home by the 8th inning, but Jill went to bed, missing Manny’s errors and Bellhorn’s homer to win. She also missed Ashlee Simpson’s spectacular lip-syncing failure on Saturday Night Live – apparently they didn’t bother to change the tape before the second song.

Sunday, we caught Cecilia at Jammin’ Java for an afternoon show, then headed to my mom’s house. Jill and I walked the dog with my dad, then we read and socialized while the food finished. Dinner was prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, fresh green beans, Caesar salad, rolls, and a lemon cake for dessert. Mom’s Yorkshire pudding was great, and made up for the subpar version I got at Disney’s English pub. The prime rib was perfect, red and juicy.

My presents? Jill got me a copy of Jon Stewart’s new book, and the whole family chipped in to get me a Treo 600 phone/PDA. Good thing, as my old Kyocera is fading fast. Kinda ironic they just announce the Treo 650 today.

We watched some of game 2 after dinner; by the time we were in the car it was in the 4th inning. We listened on the radio, and it was top of the 7th when we got home. Luckily the Cardinals didn’t manage to take advantage of the Red Sox errors last night, either, and the offense got some power and Schilling got another win. I don’t think a sweep is likely – Cards have been good at home. Game 3 should be fun though – Pedro starts for the Sox.