Jill was mysterious about our plans for the night (which was fair, I often do the same to her), just said we had to be in downtown D.C. by 6PM. So she picked me up from work (she had driven me in the morning), we parked at the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride and took the 5A to L’Enfant. We were at Gallery Place by quarter of 6, and inside the Spy Museum by 6. It was very cool (and I’d been meaning to go since it opened). Interesting exhibits, including some nice interactive ones, in addition to all the Bond like paraphernalia. There were no lines, and we were done before 8. Since our dinner reservations were at 9:30, we walked down to R.F.D. for a couple pints. I had a good Scottish ale and found a new favorite: Dogfish Head‘s Punkin Ale.

We took the Metro to Farragut West, where Equinox was less than a block away. Jill convinced me to go for the six course meal, paired with wine. That probably wasn’t the best idea, seeing as we’d both had two pints on an empty stomach. First course I had herb roasted prawns, followed by a chestnut pasta for the pasta course and a delicious snapfish for the fish course. We both had the veal for the meat course, then I had a mild French blue cheese that went especially well with the Bartlett pears and port it was served with for the cheese course. For dessert I had what I have to call apple pie filling in an egg roll like pastry crust – very tasty and with a nice Italian dessert wine.

There was a big party next to us, and it turned out 4 of them were chefs from other restaurants (some were still in work clothes), and the rest were part of an organic meat cooperative. You gotta feel good about a restaurant where other chefs go to eat after they’re done.

We were both pretty toasted, and hopped the Metro to West Falls Church. It was quarter of one when we got there, too late for a bus, but Jill had planned on that contingency, and we cabbed it home (a little over $30). We both slept in today – shared hangovers. I feel fine now, went to get her car, then she went shopping while I went to the Chantilly library booksale.

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