Who’s YOUR daddy?

That’s right New York; how does it feel? While not a nailbiter like the last three (although Jill still couldn’t watch all of it), it was another good game. And while David Ortiz may be the series MVP (with good cause), it was all about Matt Damon tonight. Pedro Martinez deserves his own award for staying out through an inning while the stadium reverberated with “Who’s your daddy?” chants.

The announcers (I thought the color guy was awful) were saying this was not one of the great upsets in history, because the Red Sox were favored coming in to the ALCS. Says who? Sure, they swept the wild card series, but the Yankees won the pennant, and had a commanding lead when they met up during the season. The previous three games were incredible – they had their backs against the wall as far as they could go, and they came back. Tonight just topped it off. What an amazing feat.

Not sure how much of the World Series I’ll watch at the start, but definitely will be after game 3. I think the Sox deserve to win, I hope they do. I have a feeling they’ll have to get through Clemens to do so. We’ll see.

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