EFO CD release show

It was great as usual. Between sets the band did Q&A instead of a break, and I asked how they took a serious song like “This Is Me” and made a thong with “This Is Me” on the front – just to see what the reaction was (they blamed it on their producer). They seemed to have fun, it was like the session on the cruise. I liked Nicole being told she was “way too smart” by Robbie, and Eddie go embarassed on the last question when he was asked if he wanted to make out, by a lady named Trish. Mike said they could get him past first base by having him do his solo right then, and when they came back afterwards, said “Trish is a man” with an Austin Powers voice.

Robbie was enthusiastic about the Sox, even got the score out a couple times (and it was another nailbiter into the ninth, but that’s another story). Mike lamented about the lack of bass in several songs. Julie called “Baltimore” her favorite song ever; later Mike said “Lady Freedom” was her second favorite.

Off to game 7…