Ya gotta believe

And I can’t believe I spent so much time last night and tonight watching the Sox just eke out wins. Certainly something to watch, as the Sox blew numerous scoring opportunities. Ortiz managed to pull it out again, definitely a nail biter though. I’m kinda hoping for rain tomorrow, since we’ll be at the Eddie From Ohio concert.

Jill called in the 11th. “I didn’t think you were a Red Sox fan”. “I’m not, but I grew up an Orioles fan, so ‘Yankees suck'”. Besides, I get to stop boycotting Orioles games now that the evil troll Angelos has been smacked on the nose (and handed a fat sack of money for no effort, just like the tobacco legislation). Maybe we’ll go check out both Orioles and Expos/Senators/Grays games next season.

One thought on “Ya gotta believe”

  1. yeah, well, it’s the bottom of the ninth on tues the nineteenth…2 outs & the pitches 2 & 1…I may be sick…now it’s 2 & 2…one swing away…now 3 & 2…ftLoG…finish already…I can’t look…YESSSSSSSSS…

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