Microsoft and queso

Friday I went to a Microsoft mobile computing seminar with a couple coworkers – they served good pizza, and gave me a free book. It was marginally useful, mostly info I knew, but they did answer all my questions at the end.

Saturday I had to do an architectural walkthrough for my HOA, then I showered and surfed while I waited for Jill to get up. She had just worked five nights in a row, so wasn’t happy to wake up. She’s a trooper, and we arrived at Clarendon Day just in time for them to close the main stage due to the thunderstorm we had just raced there arriving. Which was a shame, because the rain was over by 6 (just as WTOP predicted), so we went to the new Clarendon CD Cellar where I browsed while Jill drank her coffee.

We debated going to DC for a beer tasting, but Jill was in favor of dinner and a movie. She was in the mood for Don Pablo’s, so we planned to go there, then hit the googleplex for “Team America”. We had chips and queso, split a fajita salad and a Conquistador platter, and by the time we were done Jill just wanted to veg. We watched the end of “Hunt For Red October”, then Jill went to bed. I watched the Red Sox lose badly, then read for a while.

I slept for 12 hours, but was put to shame by Jill, who managed to stay in bed for nearly 17 hours. That’s a serious sleep deficit. She got up in time to see the end of the Redskins actually winning one, then I made some egg sandwiches, while we read (and watched “Teen Titans”). She went to work and I finished the Wednesday through Saturday papers (got a little behind this week). Now I’ll watch “Desperate Housewives” and John Cleese’s “Wine For The Confused”, and maybe some of the Red Sox.

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