Name Dropping

I went to see Robbie Schaefer (from Eddie From Ohio) last night, and on the way out, someone grabbed my arm. It was Todd Wright from the Getaway Car, talking with Mike Clem (also from Eddie From Ohio), Pat McGee (Todd also plays keys in Pat’s band), and the Brindley Brothers. I found out from Todd that the Excentrics reunion at Jaxx Thanksgiving eve will be an epic, with everyone who every played invited and a possible 30 song set. Also, one of the last two Getaway Car shows this year will be the CD release party, depending on when they get the CD.

I’ve seen Todd in the Excentrics or Getaway Car 32 times, making him my third most seen artist. It’s for a good reason, he always seems to have a good time on stage and makes you feel it too. The songs – theres’s not a one I don’t like, and I’m really psyched to hear some of the classic Excentrics songs at Jaxx, that I haven’t heard in nearly ten years.

Robbie’s show was a nice start to my efo week. Saturday at Clarendon Day, Eddie will play drums with Brother Shamus, then join Robbie, Mike and Kevin Gallagher for the seldom seen Jellyfish Blues Band (Robbie said last night they can only play the year when the cicadas emerge). Tuesday is the CD release of the efo’s new CD at the Birchmere, with mysterious surprises (we’ve been told to bring cameras, even though the Birchmere doesn’t allow photography). Eddie From Ohio and spinoffs are second on my most seen list with 40 (Todd Watts and emmet swimming are still first with 52).

But I digress. Stargazer Lily opened with a short set, nice acoustic set and one of the women had an amazing voice. Robbie was excellent as usual. He played two songs solo for the first time, “Stay” (off the new CD) and “Quick”. I was surpised about “Quick” – 4 years old and this is the first time he’s played it at a solo show? Little bit different than the efo version. I’ve heard a couple people say they prefer Robbie solo to efo, but I felt their absence keenly on “And The Rain Crashed Down” (the harmonies were playing along in my head).