And with buttah, too. I joined my parents, my sister and her boyfriend. My mom wanted to do something for my sister since she doesn’t celebrate her birthday, so she decided we needed to go to Clyde’s for their lobstah special. Sharon had big news – she’s moving to West Virginia, where Forrest (her boyfriend lives). They’re not shacking up – she’s taking over his two bedroom apartment, and he’s finding a new one bedroom place. She hopes to telecommute to her current job, but is leaving tomorrow without a definite answer. Very brave.

Anyway, the lobster was excellent, everyone had it but dad (Forrest had a burger and part of Sharon’s lobstah, and I note that Clyde’s website says “Double lobster special to be enjoyed by one customer only. No splitting, please.” Oops, but the waitress said nothing). Sharon had forgotten how to dissect hers, so Mom showed her how. I was happy we ate late (around 8:30), as Jill wanted to go out for Mexican for lunch. She called right when I was being interviewed by 5 guys in a product group (interview still went pretty well, and they took the phone call in stride), and we ended up going to the Tortilla Factory, where I had a cup of soup and a spinach quesadilla. She wanted to go to Pablo’s, and normally I would have agreed, but I had a job application to complete and needed to run to the post office, and Tortilla Factory was closer. Food was tasty, too.

OK, last set of wedding pics for now:
Wedding by Jess Cannon

There’s still Jill’s mom’s pictures, but I’m waiting on the middle CD of three before I can post them (it went to Ireland, then Massachussetts, and should get here next week – don’t ask why). Should get the table cameras sometime in the next couple days, but I don’t have a good feeling about them – we developed one already, and only two pics came out, and they were hazy.