Half.com stays, tv watched, tower climbed

half.com will stay open, as eBay has reversed its decision.

Watched “Lost”, “Smallville”, and “CSI:NY” last night. I think “CSI:NY” will be like the original “CSI” for me (if I’m around, I’ll watch it, but I won’t tape it). It’s not horrible like “CSI:Miami” (No, Mr. Caruso, CSIs don’t need to go out and shoot people, you’re missing the point). “Lost” was a nice mix of action, soap, “ER”, and horror (but what do you expect from JJ Abrams, who’s made a frothy mix of soap and action on “Alias”), and “Smallville” was fun, cheesy in spots, but Clark flying made it all worthwhile.

Finished “The Dark Tower” today. I tell ya, if the section in New York doesn’t move you, nothing will. I liked the ending, and have such a feeling of accomplishment right now. It’s a bit odd seeing metafiction in his work, but it seems to fit. A piece of info I was curious about (minor spoiler) – the driver of the van that hit Stephen King died in 2000 of an accidental overdose of a painkiller. Or was it?