Somewhat busy day. Got up, had a phone interview (went well, have a follow up tomorrow). Went to Centerville, returned the flower pedestal, dropped off used books at McKay’s, picked up prescriptions, got massage.

My big project yesterday and today is converting a record to a CD. The record in question was recorded by Harold Cannon in the ’50s. Harold is the father of Chris and Tim Cannon. Chris was my best man, and Tim is his brother – we grew up together. Chris thought it would be fun to play his dad’s LP at Tim’s wedding Saturday, and I agreed to convert it. It’s been a bear though – the cover art took several hours yesterday to look right, and the conversion today took about 5 hours (not including time to download a new version of my audio editing suite, and of course it needed a newer version of DirectX). I just finished the first CD – when Chris and Jess come tomorrow, I’ll see if they like it.

Pretty wet out today and tonight – it was really bad when I dropped off the flower pedestal, and it knocked out satellite reception around 10 (it rarely does). Upon reflection, it should have gone out earlier, so we didn’t finish watching “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. Yeesh, did they just flush a great concept down the drain. I knew “From Hell”, another of Alan Moore’s works couldn’t have been that great because they’d need 12-15 hours to keep all the information, but LXG was just terrible – a waste of Connery.

The latest Orlando forecast looks ok, right now looks like Ivan’s scheduled to skim up the gulf coast of Florida. I’m going to hope it’s a good thing we’re going up next week, not this week as originally planned.