Here, piggie piggie

I never even heard my alarm Saturday morning and Jill didn’t set hers, luckily she woke up just after 7. We got on the road quickly, made it to BWI just after 8. Parked in the daily lot, definitely preferable if you’re just going for a day. No lines to speak of, we were at the gate with nearly an hour to spare. Flight was on time, and Jill’s sister Melissa picked us up at Hartford with her sons – Jill hadn’t even met the youngest, Tiernan, before. We were at Jill’s mom’s place in Holyoke by noon, and I got a quick shower in. I went with Jill’s stepdad, Dave, on an alcohol run, and by the time I got back, Chris, (my best friend and best man) was there. We waited out the worst of the rain, then went to visit Chris’ dad and stepmum in Southwick, had a nice proper British tea (with biscuits, even).

By the time we returned, the party had started, but not too many people had showed. This party was for the family and friends that couldn’t come down here for the wedding for whatever reason. Jill’s mom and Dave went all out, with piles of food, including a full pig roast. It was a long party, 3 to 11PM, and I met (and remet) more people than I can possibly remember, relatives on both sides of Jill’s family. Jill always thinks it’s strange that I can meet people several times and not remember them, but that’s just how it is – my memory’s full of useful information, like the intro music to the first concert I ever went to (Three Stooges theme – 20 years ago). We were wiped out by the end, stuffed full of food and beer.

Sunday, I had pancakes, bacon, and leftover pig, then went off to the Holyoke Mall with Jill and her sisters as they shopped for a dress for Robin and shoes. I ducked into Best Buy first chance I got, caught up with them again at Pizzeria Uno’s when they were done. We left for the airport around 6, with a quick stop t Michaels because the ones down here don’t have a cupcake shell Jill needs. We got to the airport by 7:30, and it was dead – no lines whatsoever. We hit the bar next to our gate and watched some Olympics (women’s beach volleyball – I like what Peter David had to say about it). Our flight was delayed for 40 minutes as the plane arrived late, then we headed home. Of course there was construction on the outer loop causing a huge backup – I ducked around it through Bethesda, getting home around 1AM.