Fun in the sun

A fine weekend started when we went out on Friday. We went to Iota for me to see Tres Chicas, who were very good. Later, we were going to meet up with some of Jill’s coworkers, since a former one was in town. When we got to Iota, we were surprised to see our friends Dave and Melissa. Especially since the only time Dave had been to Iota was when I dragged him there (to see Paul and Storm a month ago). We had a good time talking (Dave’s a former coworker of mine, and Melissa’s finishing nursing school) and watching the show, so Jill wasn’t too disappointed when Katie (the organizer) went home with a headache and there was no later gathering.

Saturday we tried to get out the door by 1PM, but it was difficult. We did manage 1:30, and we made it to my dad’s by 3. He lives in Chesapeake Beach in Maryland, definitely the closest beach to us. He had some food ready so we ate a light lunch before we walked up the boardwalk to North Beach, where we roasted in the sun on our floaties. We were careful with the sunscreen (more so then when we went camping), and neither of us got burned. After we got back and changed, we introduced Dad to the wonders of Magic Hat. He had a friend come over, then we walked down to the Westlawn Inn (a new restaurant) for dinner. I had the seared tuna loin – I especially liked the wasabi mashed potatoes.

Sunday morning, Dad made us waffles which we enjoyed out on his deck. We sat on the deck and the pier until we all left around noon. His friends had offered to take us all out on their boat, but Jill was working that night, so we had to leave. Got back by 2, Jill got some time to be lazy before work. I whipped up some steak fajitas for dinner, then she headed off and I headed downstairs to work on some more auctions. I’m planning on a bunch more, but haven’t finished uploading all the pictures yet.

Only bad news was Jill’s mom was hospitalized last night after a swallowing problem resulted in some chest pains – don’t have all the info yet.