I didn’t expect to be up early. I went to bed at 3, woke up at 6, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I finally got up at 7 after it was obvious I wasn’t sleeping anytime soon.

Jill’s working a half day today so we can do a walk through at the reception site with the caterer…

Ok, that’s weird – all the text on my computer except the hardcoded ones on buttons is blurry (and it’s not my eyes) – have to save this and run anti-virus.

Hmmm… ran anti-virus, no problem. Rebooted computer, looks normal. Got new anti-virus definition file, ran it again, stil no problem. I’m downloading Windows updates now.

Starting another eBay auction today – CDs this time.

Oh yeah, I might go see Catfish Hodge tonight in Herndon. Jill’s having another shower (this one for work), and I may go over with Stuart.