Rushing around and Redskins

Last night was a great Rush show. I wasn’t bothered by the setlist not changing this tour, since I had missed part of the first set last time I’d seen them. The way they’ve grown as live performers since dumping the click track (they used it to syncronize with their elaborate concert videos) makes them a fascinating live band. I particularly liked the way Ged and Alex had a mock fight during “By-Tor And The Snowdog”, and the way Alex cracks Ged and Neil up during his rants.

Was pretty busy yesterday, finished the major cleanup efforts in the office (don’t think I’ll display a “Mission Accomplished” banner though). Left the house around 5PM, got back around 11:30. I had to send a resume out for a lunch meeting today, and I needed to download an update to Easy CD Creator, as the software I was using fine at the office turned out not to acknowledge the new CD burner. Of course the 11 meg patch I downloaded turned out to be the wrong one – I needed the 18 meg one (if there are 2 versions of the same product, I would have thought the about box would tell you that, but no…). Got to bed around 3.

Today I got woken up around 10AM by phone calls, Jill (who was going to leave me a message) and a job contact who was supposed to call me back two weeks ago, and I had given up on. I needed to get up anyway, as I was having lunch with coworkers from two jobs ago. John had alerted me to the meeting, as he knew I was looking in the mobile field if possible. Sounds like an interesting job, but there’s no funding for it yet. At least I got lunch out of it.

After lunch, I headed over to the Redskins training camp. I filled up both flash cards with pictures (mostly because I was inept at getting good action shots with the slow speed of my camera). The best shots (cropped and zoomed) are here. I was standing in the sun and was done after about an hour; leaving early also meant I’d avoid the crush of people (not like there was a score). I decided to go north on Loudon County Parkway – probably not the best plan. It drops from two lanes to one at the training camp, and a half mile later turns in to a gravel road – a very bumpy one. After a couple miles, it’s two lanes and paved, just in time to hit Leesburg Pike.

Speaking of pictures, our friend Linda took a couple pictures of us at the Herndon Festival. I finally scanned them in, and they’re here, along with a shot of me and Holly, who runs the festival.