Relax and stress

Didn’t go out too much this weekend, but we are starting on a new round of wedding planning, so it was relaxing and a little stressing.

Friday Jill wasn’t up for going out, so we stayed in and I read while she watched TV. I wasn’t hungry when Jill was, so she had the pasta leftovers, then I had the moo shu leftovers later.

Saturday we ran errands and puttered around the house – Jill did cleaned all the bathrooms. I cooked a chicken by boiling it for a while, then finishing it on the grill. It was ok, but next time I’ll finish it in the oven. Jill cooked a zucchini in butter we’d gotten from Lorna (whom we’d met at Falcon Ridge, another Herndon neighbor), and I made strawberry jello with banana and cherries – pretty tasty. We watched “Blazing Saddles” and the documentaries from the new DVD edition – Jill hadn’t seen it. She kinda liked it, but I’m not sure if I’ll try her on “Young Frankenstein” anytime soon.

Sunday Jill had a wedding dress fitting, so she was up early. After I got up and she got home, we spent hours going through our CDs to come up with the wedding music list. We’re planning on burning all the music to 3 CDs to play during the wedding, so no DJ will be needed. We also tentatively came up with the bridal entry music, not sure about the party exiting music. After I got on the computer to (finally) start my eBay auction, I cooked a frozen pizza and made a salad, while Jill made marinara sauce (with her fresh basil) for tonight. We watched a little Tom Cruise on “Inside the Actors Studio” until James Lipton drove us nuts, then watched the Travel Channel for shows on roller coasters and Disney World (got some good ideas for the honeymoon).

2 thoughts on “Relax and stress”

  1. I am amused. We watched “Blazing Saddles” Friday night. Just don’t make Jill watch “Young Frankenstein” with the commentary… or was it “Spaceballs”? The one where Mel Brooks started going off about the sandwich he had while talking with someone about a movie… Sheesh.

  2. I believe that’s “Young Frankenstein”, because that sounds familiar and I haven’t watched “Spaceballs” since I got the DVD.

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