Now it feels like a vacation

Friday felt like a Saturday – so did Saturday. And Sunday I actually started some of the reading pile (pile – heh – it’s taller than me if I made a pile).

Jill’s mom got in Friday – I finished the cleaning seconds before she got in the door. We went out to M & S Grill in Reston for lunch (Jill had a coupon). I saw they had Shiner Bock at the bar, asked the waitress for a pint, and she said “We don’t carry that”. I asked her to check – sure enough, got my pint.

I was supposed to host a night of Go Kart racing Friday in Sterling at the All Sports Grand Prix indoor go kart race track for the Ski Club of Washington DC, but no one from the Ski Club came (I had 3 emails from people). Hannah and Dave showed up, and we had a fun race getting passed by the staff there. Afterwards, Jill and her mom joined us for dinner at the Buffalo Wing Factory. I had Sam Summer Ale, and Jill and I split some Xtra Hot and Peppery Parmesan wings.

Saturday I made some banana nut Atkins muffins that went fast, then Jill and her mom ran errands while I went to Maryland. I was thinking of going to Baltimore to see Boston, but no one else wanted to go and I didn’t feel like heading up there alone without a ticket. Instead I went to Rockville before my myo appointment to see Carbon Leaf do an acoustic set at the Borders in White Flint. Good stuff, and I need to pick up their new cd.

I was feeling ambitious on the way home (and the arm was feeling better), so I busted out Mom’s Moo Shu Pork recipe and got to work. Two hours later, I was done. The only bad thing was the Asian store I hit for ingredients was out of the tortilla like things I needed, so I settled for spring roll wrappers. Big mistake, very hard to bite through when only steamed lightly. We relaxed, watched some tv afterwards.

Sunday, I stayed in bed and read the Absolute Authority, Vol. 2 while Jill went to her shower. I got up, showered and stretched, then went to the basement to sort comics and decide what my next eBay auction should be. By the time I was finished, it was 5:30 and time to head to dinner with the whole family at That’s Amore. I never noticed it before, but it’s next to Don Pablo’s (which I do like very much, but it’s NOT my favorite restaurant, bridal shower trivia contest be darned). I had a shrimp/scallop/spinach dish that was very good, and an Italian mixed green salad.

Today Jill and I and her mom hit Fuddruckers for lunch (she did say she wanted a burger), then dropped her off at the airport. Then it was wedding errands (ring, caterer, rentals place). We didn’t have dinner since we had such a big lunch (I had some of mom’s fruit salad and cereal), then I went over to Janice’s to plan our food for Falcon Ridge this weekend. Now I’m reading the second half of Cerebus which should keep me busy with reading material at least ’til the trip. And getting ready to upload the shower pics from yesterday, but it’s going to take forever on dialup, and I won’t have link until tomorrow.