For dancing nancies only

Man o man – two Dave Matthews Band shows in a week. Haven’ t done that since 1998, when they did back to back Nissan shows.

Busy day – started out meeting John, an old co-worker for lunch at Fuddrucker’s. That place is hopping during lunch. Jill got up early so we could get on the road by 3:30. We had to go to Frederick to drop off her engagment ring. An excellent alternate route, as five minutes into the trip we heard that the inner loop on the Beltway was already backed up. From Frederick, we shot down 70 to 29, then to the Mall In Columbia (nice route, may do that for the shows there in August). We ate at Uno’s for dinner, splitting a caesar calad and thin crust sausage pizza (we didn’t split the Uno’s Amber Ale though). We walked across the street to Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Jill was found by coworkers Sheila and Paula in line for the bathroom and we chatted with them for a bit, making it to our seats with five minutes to spare. They opened with “Grey Street”, pretty solid show. Two more (plus “Too Much” again) from “Crush”, including a killer “Lie In Our Graves”, but the highlight was a very energetic “Don’t Drink The Water” (with some new vocals at the end) followed immediately by “Warehouse”.

The bad part was the first third of the show. I though our tickets were 2nd row in the pit – they were second row after the pit. That would have been fine, Jill liked the extra step up, but concert security did a horrible job at keeping people without tickets in that section away. I was on the aisle getting hit, and Jill’s view was blocked by this tall kid who was drunk and stoned (at least that’s what we saw him consume) who had stormed into the row below us at the beginning of the show. It was reminding me a little of the 2001 RFK show where security was completely ineffective and the chairs were torn up by the crowds. Anyway, after the first third, they left security down there checking tickets for the rest of the show.

Both tonight’s show and Sunday’s show were great. I think I danced harder tonight, but I’d give the edge to Sunday because there were no problems to deal with and the amazing “Two Step”.