Fadder’s Day

Nice weekend. We only stayed for the first band on Friday since Jill had been babysitting all day and was wiped out. 4 Way Street were worth it, though (and Jammin’ Java’s roast beef sandwiches are pretty good).

We both had errands and appointments on Saturday, but met up at the Taste of the Town at Reston Town Center. I missed most of Default, but what I heard wasn’t that great. We filled up on food (scallops, chowder, ribs, calamari and shrimp dumplings), then went to Total Wine because we were out of beer. Just a salad for dinner, and we read and watched TV (mostly me, Jill was on the phone a lot).

Gourgeous day yesterday. Jill made French toast for breakfast, then we met up with the family (and Sharon’s beau) at the WWII memorial. I agree with the opinion that it’s kinda cold, but it’s redeemed by the personal items (mostly pictures, flowers and cards Sunday) that have been left by the veterans and their families. We went to Mom’s afterwards and had hot dogs and hamburgers. and a yummy cherry-rhubarb cobbler. Jill had to work at night, so I watched part 1 of the new adaption of Salem’s Lot. I enjoyed it, and they had some nicely scary scenes – and Donald Sutherland and Rutger Hauer as vamps. Blows away the ’70s movie, and I’m looking forward to part 2 tonight.