Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Ok, it’s on. Jill and I had an idea, and I discussed it with Chris, my best man. Since female flesh of the skank-ho type does nothing for me, I wasn’t interested in strippers, and the available time I have free in August is pretty much zilch.

So, we’re going to have a joint party at the Eddie From Ohio concert at Wolf Trap August 28th. It’s exactly a week before the wedding. We were already planning on going, and we have 4 tickets already. I’ve reserved 20 lawn seats and Chris and I may just pay for them and give them away until we run out. We’ll have a big picnic on the lawn (you can bring food and alcohol in), watch the show, and then the guys and girls might go their separate ways (unless everyone wants to play pool, drink beer, and burp heartily).