Weird dream

The thing I remember most about the weekend is a dream I had Saturday that I was in the recording studio as Survivor did the new version of “Eye Of The Tiger” for Starbucks. Last time I mix Safeway’s diet cherry lemon lime and vodka, I’ll tell you that.

Not that the weekend wasn’t bad. Jill and I ran some errands Friday before Joanna showed. We went to see Harry Potter on Saturday (I liked it), then off to Fairfax. The fair was fun, even though they stopped me from videotaping the Pat McGee Band. Right after PMB, we headed to Ned Devine’s to get good seats for the Getaway Car. I drove, so Jill and Joanna got to drink – and they did. Opening band Adelyn was ok, kinda Incubus Jr. Ned’s was pretty packed when TGC came on around 11:30, did 2 1 hour sets. A lot of good songs. During the second set, Brian and Pat from PMB came up to play on “Come Together”, which was awesome, especially the epic soloing of Brian and Matt.

Sunday I got up around 12:30, and Jill didn’t get up ’til 3:30 – plenty of time for me to read the Friday-Sunday Posts. We went to RFD before the show and all had pints of Magic Hat #9. I had a big fat burger, and a couple more beers. We made it to the MCI Center by 8, but Madonna made us wait 35 minutes. Good show, but I don’t know if it was worth the money – I got a better show for $5 Saturday night at Ned’s.