Pass the smelling salts, please

Friday, Jill and I left at 4PM to try and miss some traffic. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. Because we were so late getting to Richmond, we had to make an extra stop to pick up the key to Oran’s place from Steve (both frat brothers), and we didn’t make it to Brown’s Island until 8PM. Luckily, emmet swimming had just taken the stage, so we saw almost the whole set. It was nice to hear “Pain” again, maybe we can convince them to play “Gangsta” next. Fairly enthusiastic crowd; I have a distribution arrangement with the band, where I obtain their CDs for a low cost and sell them to the band, who turns around and sells them to fans. I had 42 CDs with me, and walked away from the evening with a pile of cash. We had sandwiches there, and picked up a six-pack of Pete’s Wicked Rally Cap Ale and some peanuts to snack on until Oran got home, then we chatted for a while.

Saturday, we and Oran and Steve hit IHOP for brunch, and then headed towards Virginia Beach. It was supposed to be an hour and a half, and ended up being an hour longer than that. We still got some fun in the sun, and I lost yet another pair of sunglasses in the surf. When Jill got cold, we headed to Norfolk to find the hotel room. We checked in and went out to dinner.

We went to a nearby Pizza Hut, because it was close. After we ordered, I made the mistake of craning my head to the side. A mistake because the wooden booth had a sharp section I bonked my head on. I checked and there was some blood, but not a lot. Jill was nervous because she’s seen head trauma, and described some. Now descriptions of medical procedures squick me, but even worse is describing things to happen to me personally. It causes the blood to rush to my head, and occasionally I black out momentarily. This was one of those times. I came around to see an extremely upset Jill, and a group of worried people. The EMTs were there right away, because the fire department was right across the street. They checked me out, and the only thing that was a problem was an abnormally low glucose reading, but at that point I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and been in the sun. I didn’t want to go to the ER, so they recommended I see my doctor ASAP.

After they left, I didn’t eat much. As I found out the next day, I had wrenched my neck, which is always good for general soreness and an appetite suppressant. Jill knew I still wanted to go see Rush that night, so she drove me there and back. I was late to the show, and left a little early, but it was still worth it. And I’ll catch the whole show when they come here in August.

Sunday Jill drove home, and since there was no traffic, it was pretty easy. We stopped in my old stomping ground of Ashland for some greasy Wendy’s food. Sunday night I got a call about Shannon just before I went grocery shopping, and wandered the aisles of Safeway in a daze. Because nothing else was on, I watched Star Trek V on HBO that night.

Monday was a lot of moving. My friend Sandy is moving to a smaller space, so she I moved her bed, TV, and exercise bike to our basement, in the middle of the rain. I made eggs benedict and artichokes for dinner for Jill and I, then headed over to Mom’s to hook up the DVD/VCR and printer she got for Mother’s Day. It turned out the TV in the family room wouldn’t work with the DVD/VCR, so I had to switch Mom’s TVs. Got the printer working without too much hassle, then Mom asked if I had anything else in the attic. I brought 5 boxes down (1 box of real CDs I had forgotten, the rest CD cases and trays) that had been there since we closed the store down 8 years ago. I lugged those to the car minutes before the skies opened again. Once home, I just collapsed on the couch – my back is still aching today.