Over half done

Not going to be here too much longer now. It’s not that the work is terrible, it’s just labor intensive and mind numbing.

The folks here are nice, I’ve gone out to lunch with them yesterday and today. Yesterday we went to Orchid Delight, a Chinese buffet place. The buffet was cheap, but it only had 6 dishes, and 2 were veggies and rice. Chicken with hot peppers was good, though. Today we went to Sushi Garden and got a meal for 3, which was more than enough to fill up 4 of us.

Dinner has been Asian as well. Last time I was here, we passed the Green Lettuce, which advertised Indian style Chinese food. I went on Monday and had a chicken dish, which was nice and spicy. Now if only I had remembered to ask for utensils it would have been perfect. Last night I went to Pho Century and got Combo 8, a bunch of appetizers on skewers. Very tasty.